ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient

    Shiitake mushroom-based extract providing a complete care of collagen in order to support a proper protein functionality leading to a firmer appearance of mature skin. 


    REPROAGE™ peptide

    Recovering the stemness potential of the epidermal basal layer can maintain its self-renewal ability longer, leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.


    POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient

    Cosmetic ingredient that provides a barrier between the skin and the harmful ambient substances and enhances its antioxidative defenses for an effective and complete protection from urban pollution.


    BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient

    Novel brightening active that evens out the skin tone for a fair and radiant complexion.



    Accepting the passing of time and celebrating our real age is a new beauty trend that is becoming very evident and accepted in society, led by celebrities of all ages. Serene Beauty concept embraces this new perception of beauty through formulations addressed to help women feel beautiful throughout all the stages of their life.




The anti-aging REPROAGE™ peptide is honored with bronze at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards.

It has been 15 years since the last time the event took place in London and the expectations from exhibitors, visitors and organizers were high. The award recognizes the development of a novel active ingredient combining innovative science and product features in a way that demonstrates substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users. 

The two main topics showcased in Shanghai: cell reprogramming and ingredients of marine origin, have caught the attention of the attendees to the New Technology Session conducted by Dr. Sybhashree Mahapatra, New Business Development. 


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