FENSEBIOME™ peptide

    Brings the urban skin closer to the that of had our ancestors characterized by an enhanced physical barrier and increased microbiota diversity.

  • NEW

    LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient

    The biotechnological ingredient fights aging induced by both blue and solar light through a skin adaptive response which translate into up to 21.5% in wrinkle reduction.


  • NEW

    Expect the unexpected

    An amusing and surprising collection of textures that takes care of Millennials’ skin and hair with efficient active ingredients.    


  • NEW

    Tutti Foodie, back to basics

    Follow the rainbow for your complete beauty routine with Lipotec’s selection of food-based botanical extracts related to the 5-color diet that,  incorporated into different topical formulations, fulfill all the skin needs. 




Visitors eager for latest trends for cosmetic applications, such as advances in microbiome science, probiotic and prebiotic-like solutions or digital aging protection, found efficient and sustainable answers at Lubrizol – Lipotec booth.

Again, the must-attend event when it comes to hear about the newest in cosmetics has given Lipotec the opportunity to meet with its partners from the West Coast and Rocky Mountains and introduce the concept TUTTI FOODIE, a beauty routine from nature based on the traditional 5-colored diet.


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