The umbrella brand for active ingredients within Lubrizol Skin Essentials,

Lipotec™ specializes in the development of peptides, biotechnological molecules, botanical extracts and delivery systems for its application in cosmetics.

  • NEW

    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient

    NEW IN VIVO. Known as a secret personal trainer for its effectiveness in mimicking the effects of endurance exercise, it now has also demonstrated to be an excellent facial coach


  • NEW

    FENSEBIOME™ peptide

    Brings the urban skin closer to that of our ancestors characterized by an enhanced physical barrier and increased microbiota diversity.

  • NEW

    LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient

    The biotechnological ingredient fights aging induced by both blue and solar light through a skin adaptive response which translate into up to 21.5% in wrinkle reduction.


  • NEW

    ACTISMART™ extracts

    A selection of unique botanicals from around the world prized for their beauty-enhancing, spiritual and natural benefits. 

    Titrated and supported with in vitro efficacy tests





Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

The information contained in Lipotec's intranet is exclusively addressed to personal care industry professionals and access to specific data will be granted according to user profile (customers, distributors, consultants, media...).