LIPOCHROMAN® molecule


    Designed to capture both types of free radicals -RNS and ROS- recent assays have demonstrated a triple protective effect from the reactive species by also capturing RCS, as well as its antioxidative capacity and detox potential.


  • NEW

    EYESERYL® peptide


    A recent test performed on male volunteers showed up to 29.7% reduction in the under-eyebags volume in 28 days.

  • NEW

    ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient

    Shiitake mushroom-based extract providing a complete care of collagen in order to support a proper protein functionality leading to a firmer appearance of mature skin. 

  • NEW

    REPROAGE™ peptide

    Recovering the stemness potential of the epidermal basal layer can maintain its self-renewal ability longer, leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.




Again, the must-attend event when it comes to hear about the newest in cosmetics has given Lipotec the opportunity to meet with its partners from the West Coast and Rocky Mountains and introduce the concept TUTTI FOODIE, a beauty routine from nature based on the traditional 5-colored diet.

Red, yellow, green, blue and white. Lipotec brings the traditional five-colored diet to our beauty routine via botanical extracts, selected from its natural product range, whose valuable properties incorporated in topical formulations can address a wide variety of skin needs.


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