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  • Reconnect with your origins for healthier skin

    Since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, and increasing urbanization, the relationship of humans with their environment has changed dramatically with a large part of the population moving to the cities, away from their ancestral constant interaction with nature. This important moment also represented a relevant trigger in the prevalence of inflammatory disorders, such as allergies and eczemas, which leads us to deduce that the reduced exposure to nature contributes to increasing the risk of inflammatory skin conditions.


    Research shows that people living in close contact with nature, similar to our ancestors, present a high bacterial diversity and have a high concentration of anti-inflammatory bacteria, associated with a healthier and more protected skin. This finding led to the conclusion that the more exposed one is to modern lifestyles, the higher the reduction in the microbiome’s richness is, making the skin more prone to sensitivity and discomfort.


    The new heptapeptide developed by Lipotec, FENSEBIOME™ peptide, assists in strengthening the skin of people exposed to urban environment by promoting microbiota balance and diversity as well as an increase in beneficial bacteria, all being characteristics of a healthier skin staying in higher contact with nature. It also helps reinforce the double cutaneous barrier function and prevent dehydration, one of the main problems of sensitive skin. 


    The ability of FENSEBIOME™ peptide to modulate the skin microbiome was assessed on volunteers by means of a metagenomics study. Urban female volunteers applied a cream containing 1% peptide solution on the cubital fossa of one arm and a placebo cream on the other, twice a day for 7 days. Samples of the skin microbiota were obtained before and after the treatment and changes in the microbiome were assessed. An increase in the bacterial diversity was observed on the treated skin, as well as a better balance of the microbiota leading to a healthier and protected skin. FENSEBIOME™ peptide also helped reduce the TEWL levels, when applied before inducing irritation and evaluated 48 hours after damage, with a decrease of 27.8%.


    The peptideassisted in boosting the skin’s own defense system by favouring the presence of beneficial bacteria and by improving the skin immune response and the physical barrier integrity as showed in vitro.


    FENSEBIOME™ peptide can be incorporated into formulations aiming to strengthen the double cutaneous barrier function and to prevent dehydration as well as in prebiotic and probiotic-inspired skin care products intended to reinforce urban and sensitive skin.


    The latest Lipotec peptide helps the skin regain its original strength to face urban life.


  • Get your skin ready for life in the light

    One of the main reasons for the damage and premature aging of the skin is UV radiation, and it is impossible to escape from it. Coming from the sun, it is believed to cause up to 90% of skin aging signs including wrinkles, roughness, sagginess, skin thickening and dark spots.

    The sun also emits other types of harmful light, such as infrared and blue light, which penetrate deeper in the dermis and which regular sunscreens do not protect us from. Blue light can also be found indoors, since it is artificially produced by electronic devices such as computers, TVs, smartphones and tablets. The smartphone dependency, the selfie boom, and long workdays in front of computers can negatively impact our skin appearance.

    To protect itself from light-induced damage, human skin adapts by developing biological mechanisms that increase its resistance to light, just like some animals can adapt to the environment through, for example, camouflage. Opsins, which are the main photoreceptors of the eye with a key role in light perception, have also been detected in human skin. They are believed to help the skin act as a sensory system for light, increasing its alertness and protection.

    Obtained through biotechnology from one of the most radiation-resistant microorganisms, LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient activates opsins on the skin and promotes adaptive responses which help prepare the skin for future exposure to light. It also protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial blue light-induced damage, minimizing the main signs of photoaging.

    In vitro, in addition to activating opsins, considered as the eyes of the skin, the ingredient helped induce the skin adaptive responses against light damage. An increase of cell survival and improvement and protection of the extracellular matrix were also observed.

    A clinical test was performed on women who applied a cream with 2% LUMICEASE™ blue ingredienton half face and a placebo cream on the other half, during the summer and while being daily exposed to artificial blue light. The number of brown spots decreased by 11.7% as well as the amount of UV spots (not yet visible), that were reduced by 14.1%, suggesting a repair effect. A reduction of 21.5% and 13.2% in wrinkle volume and average roughness respectively was observed after 56 days of treatment.

    In accordance with Lubrizol’s sustainability policy, the isolation process of the microorganism was performed following sustainable practices, which did not involve harvesting high amounts of materials from nature. But at Lipotec we wanted to go a step further in our commitment with the environment by returning to nature what it had offered us, and that is why a percentage of sales of LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient will be donated to Paisatges Vius, an organization dedicated to the conservation of the aquatic ecosystem of the Pyrenean area in Northern Spain where the isolation of the microorganism took place.

    Lipotec’s LUMICEASE™ blue ingredient prepares, protects and repairs the skin from solar and artificial blue light helping minimize the main signs of digital and photoaging so you can enjoy your life in the light.

  • Expect the Unexpected…. Have fun with your beauty routine!

    Representing over a quarter of the global population, Millennials are the most influential generation nowadays and the most difficult to define due to their multiple contradictions. They live their lives online but love real-life interactions. They are democratic and inclusive, but ask for exclusivity for themselves. Focused on progress, but have a deep sense of nostalgia.


    Considering their personal care, Millennials want to maintain a perfect and protected skin, and look for instant results and fun experiences. In addition to covering specific needs, such as delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and shielding their skin from the harmful effects of pollution, they also value appealing campaigns and products that offer them something extra, a plus.


    Lubrizol has created a set of seven formulations intended to satisfy this demanding generation. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED offers a fun and surprising collection of textures that takes care of Millennials’ skin and hair with efficient active ingredients.


    BE FUN OR BE GONE - Experience heat in a frozen cream with Acai Berry Smoothie Facial Lotion. The application of this colorful smoothie texture, fresh out of the freezer, will surprise your skin with a cold and energizing feel that will turn quickly into a warm soft moisturizing lotion. A perfect breakfast of superfood extracts for a healthy and radiantlook.


    BEGINNING OR END - At first, Facial Gel-to-Oil Mask feels like a rich gel, but after only a few seconds of application, it transforms into an oily film that deeply nourishes the skin. It can be applied at the beginning or end of the day to provide protection and anti-wrinkle prevention to the skin.


    PURE RICHNESS - Starting as a clear gel, the initial fresh feel of Dewy Hydrating Clear Facial Cream gives an impression of purity. During the application process the gel turns into the comfort and richness of a cream. The skin becomes nourished and with a healthy glow with a non-sticky after-feel.


    VIRTUAL REALITY - With this smooth, pearlized Radiant Tone-up Facial Cream the skin will light up instantly for a hydrated and luminous look while remaining protected from photo-aging. Don’t worry about your complexion, just embrace your real and virtual lives intensely.


    SEIZE THE MOMENT - Forget everything and bring back your childhood memories into the bathroom with this In-shower Bubble Gum Body Cream. Despite its fanciful bubble gum texture, this body cream offers serious and reliable nourishment, leaving the skin smooth and supple.


    ON-THE-GO - This Sprayable Cleansing Gel for Hair and Body displays the contrasting sensory of a fresh, non-sticky and slimy water gel with the cleansing efficacy of a soap. The perfect companion for your travels that will help you control your environmental footprint.


    GENDERLESS, NOT STYLELESS - Made for men or women?  No need to decide! The Frosty Bouncy Hair Wax has been designed to meet the needs of all genders and takes on



    the role of many textures, offering a rich, creamy feel to make styling hair simple. Visual appearance of a wax, with the bounce of a gel.



    At Lubrizol Skin Essentials, we offer ample expertise that makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and more natural solutions to the personal care market. Give Millennials what they would not expect: funny experiences and high performance personal care solutions.


  • ACTIZYME® advanced botanical ingredient demonstrates brightening effect

    A continuous turnover of the epidermal cells or keratinocytes, with the newly produced cells replacing the old ones, takes place on the skin surface. This process is essential to maintain skin homeostasis for a bright and radiant appearance, and can be altered with aging or aggressions like harsh weather conditions or sun radiation.

    ACTIZYME® advanced botanical ingredient is a fungi-derived protease that mimics the activity of endogenous cathepsin D to improve cell renewal specifically in the skin surface, without irritation and barrier damage.

    A recent clinical study has demonstrated the ability of this botanical ingredient to enhance clarity and luminosity of the skin thanks to the effective and safe desquamation that it offers.

    The new in vivo was performed on 21 Indian volunteers between 19 and 46 years old with skin phototype (Fitzpatrick) IV that applied a cream containing 2% ingredient on half face and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day for 30 days. Luminance and the individual typological angle were measured by means of a spectrophotometer and high-resolution images were also obtained. At the end of the treatment a brighter skin tone was observed, as well as a visible lightening effect.

    On the self-evaluation questionnaire, the 100% of volunteers perceived a noticeable clearer skin complexion and a more luminous face.

    ACTIZYME® advanced botanical ingredient can be incorporated into any face and body care formulation to offer a peeling effect, especially in those developed to improve and brighten the skin tone.

  • New test on LIPOCHROMAN® molecule. Providing antioxidant shelter and promoting detox.

    One of the most serious threats for human health nowadays comes from the exposure to a great amount of different chemical substances. The number of chemicals synthesized and used in modern society has grown in the past decades, reaching extremely high levels. These substances are foreign to the organism and are collectively known as xenobiotics.


    Modern lifestyle not only involves exposure to thousands of foreign substances but also the production of reactive species within the body itself. These substances, very stable and difficult to eliminate, can accumulate in the body over time causing allergies, inflammation and accelerating external signs of aging.


    LIPOCHROMAN® molecule was designed to capture both types of free radicals -RNS and ROS- coming from environmental elements thus protecting cells from damage. Recently, new assays performed on the ingredient have demonstrated a triple protective effect from the reactive species by also capturing RCS, as well as its antioxidative capacity and detox potential.


    In vitro, damage by RCS to cellular proteins was inhibited and skin cells were protected from the genotoxic effect of pollutants.


    A clinical test was also performed on female volunteers of 33-57 years old that applied a cream with 0.05% active ingredient on half face and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day for 28 days. The antioxidative capacity of the skin increased significantly by 21.3% in 14 days and by 36.7% in 28 days.


    Bio-inspired antioxidant, LIPOCHROMAN® molecule can assist cells in the elimination of xenobiotics and free radicals coming from both the environment and inner body, thus protecting biomolecules and cellular functions from the damage caused by oxidative stress. A comprehensive solution to fight and prevent premature skin aging.


  • First Lipotec products COSMOS approved

    Recently, ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient with SA and MATMARINE™ blue ingredient have been assessed as compliant to COSMOS standard, thus obtaining the Attestation of Conformity for raw materials according to COSMOS.


    The COSMOS-standard is a not-for-profit international association whose ultimate objective is to safeguard the welfare of the environment and of people by setting out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust, and that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.


    Both active ingredients are from Biointec™ blue biotechnology brand, which encompasses natural molecules with specific cosmetic benefits obtained from living microorganisms through sustainable bioprocesses.


    ANTARCTICINE®marine ingredient shields and regenerates the skin exposed to extreme cold as well as assists in reducing wrinkles for a firm and young complexion. In vivo it showed a 13.5% increase in moisturization after applying a cream at 1% to the skin exposed to cold weather conditions for one hour a day during 15 days. After 30 days, wrinkle depth and volume decreased by 10.6% and 9.3% respectively.


    MATMARINE™ blue ingredient helps decrease sebum levels to reduce skin shininess, the appearance of pores and active follicles. An in vivo study applying a BB cream containing 2% ingredient resulted in an immediate 28.3% reduction in gloss right after the application and a prolonged effect lasting through the day.


    As Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Lipotec and Lubrizol offer ample expertise in skin care that combined makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and trendy solutions to the market.








    ANTARCTICINE® and MATMARINE™ are owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates. © 2017 The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


  • The Ultimate Beauty Survival Kit for Busy Mothers

    Lubrizol Skin Essentials presents a new formulation concept developed in accordance with its objective of empowering its customers with products and services that will enable them to accelerate and enhance their creativity.  Meant to serve as a source of inspiration for its clients, this new concept comprehends an assortment of complete formulations for busy mothers, who have little time to take care of themselves.

    Nowadays working mothers have to balance their professional career with being a mother and still find some time for their personal life.  Hard workers, time balancers, experts in organization and harmony, they are also interested in looking good.

    Hectic schedules, multitasking, stress and lack of sleep can negatively influence a woman’s skin so it needs some special care during this busy period of life.  Since going to a spa or a beauty salon does not fit into a mother’s busy schedule, Lubrizol brings these services to her home with formulations that provide the best combination of powerful and effective ingredients to care for her skin in the most efficient way.

    WOW MOM: Utterly a mother. Utterly a woman.
    Traditionally faced with a question Which comes first, being a mother or being a woman?, today’s busy mothers choose to be both. 100% mother and 100% woman. Lubrizol assists in making this possible with its latest WOW MOM beauty survival kit that includes four skin care products offering active mothers the opportunity to indulge and care for their skin, to have that special moment for themselves every day. Each formulation brings together the sensorial benefits of a surprising texture, an appealing visual and evocative fragrance with the claimed performance of high-tech active ingredients substantiated by science.

    Getting ready for another busy day is easier with a Rinse off Moisturizing Radiant Facial Serum that applied in the morning during or after the shower helps to recover from lack of sleep. This serum visibly brightens and unifies the complexion. At the same time, it protects the skin from photoaging and enhances skin’s softness and suppleness after rinse-off. 
    Following with a Super Protective Face Mousse SPF 10 will allow the skin to survive the long day facing stress and environmental pollution. This ultra-whipped texture mousse, in addition to minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, provides a barrier between the skin and the harmful ambient substances and enhances its antioxidative defenses offering a complete outdoor protection.

    At the end of the day, Reviving Evening Facial Gel-Cream is the ally to recover from a long day and refuel the skin. This formulation offers a rested and younger look by visibly reshaping the face contour and replenishing the skin to help it to recover its lost volume. In addition, its unique translucent gel-cream texture breaks onto the skin, releasing water and refreshing the skin to re-energize it.

    Finally, maintaining a toned and defined figure in spite of having little time to go to the gym is possible with a Cold Firming Body Night Cream. Applied before sleep, this night cream helps maximize the workout results by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise to redefine areas sensitive to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity.  Stored at -20°C, this bouncy cream with memory shape effect offers an initial cool sensation and allows long playtime to massage the body leaving the skin soft and supple.

    As Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Lubrizol and Lipotec offer ample expertise in skin care that combined makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and trendy solutions to the market.

  • Feel the power of nature directly on the skin from the hand of Lipotec.

    Exfoliation has played a very important role in the eternal pursuit of having a perfect skin. It offers uncountable skin benefits in one action, providing radiance, smoothness and even skin tone as well as enhancing actives penetration, to name a few.

    The cell renewal cycle slows down with age, resulting in less radiance and a more wrinkled appearance of the skin. When this happens, a complementary exfoliation is needed to help stimulate the production of new cells. At present, the plastic microbeads, historically used in physical exfoliants, have been questioned in many countries for their contaminating effects giving way to the natural exfoliants as an excellent environment-friendly alternative.

    Following its commitment to nature, Lipotec has developed ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants - a wide variety of natural-sourced scrubs that help remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin to let the inner beauty arise. The range is launched with the following first six references:

    Important component of many sparkling wines, Chardonnay is one of the oldest cultivars of grape in the world. The semi-rounded structure of ACTISCRUB™ chardonnay seed  is not aggressive for the skin and provides a tender exfoliationfor face and body.

    Glamorous seeds for an extremely gentle exfoliation with a pleasant massage feel.

    Its many natural attributes led cranberry to be known as the “wonderberry”.

    ACTISCRUB™ cranberry seed offers a soft touch with comfortable massage to remove the dead cells at the surface of both the face and the body. Visually eye catching red seeds allow for creating innovative formulations and playing with textures.

    A wonderberry to care for sensitive skin through a mild peeling.

    The Sanskrit name of coconut means “the tree which provides all the necessities of life”. Possessing interesting abrasive properties, ACTISCRUB™ coconut shell  offers a low to medium friction leading to a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

    The jewel of the tropics to clean and unblock pores.

     Coming from the ancient Persia, where they were reserved for the royalty, walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man.  ACTISCRUB™ walnut shell  has good abrasive properties and striking visual effect, providing a mild exfoliation for face and body.

    Smooth aristocratic skin thanks to the royal nut.


    One of the oldest cultivated fruits, apples are referred to as symbols of love and beauty by the Greek and Roman mythology. The size and shape of ACTISCRUB™ apple fiber particles offers a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

    Beyond its countless health benefits, leads to flawless and fresh skin.

    Used as an important material since the ancient times, cork is one of the most extraordinary products from nature. Recyclable and reusable, it is also able to absorb considerable amounts of CO2, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions known as the main cause of climate change. ACTISCRUB™ cork  has a moderate to high friction and provides a strong exfoliation for body, hands and feet.

    The only bark that regenerates to help promote skin renewal.

    Natural scrub ingredients from renewable and biodegradable sources, ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants  are the environment-friendly alternative to synthetic scrubs with a great potential to inspire cosmetic brands to create their own, unique identity.


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