Infinite Beauty

No matter how the world evolves, consumers will always care about their skin and hair.

Will you be ready to exceed their expectations?

Gesturecare, shape up your natural beauty

To lead a healthy life maintaining a balanced diet and active lifestyle is essential. We exercise the muscles of our arms, abdomen and legs, even the heart and mind, to keep a fit body, but what about the muscles of our face?

Expect the unexpected

An amusing and surprising collection of textures that takes care of Millennials’ skin and hair with efficient active ingredients.     

Tutti Foodie

Follow the rainbow for your complete beauty routine with Lipotec’s selection of food-based botanical extracts related to the 5-color diet that,  incorporated into different topical formulations, fulfill all the skin needs. 


Being a mother or being a woman? Why not both? Get ready for another day full of stress and tasks againts the clock wit the ultimate beauty survival kit from Lubrizol.

Marine Beauty

Join Lipotec on a subaquatic expedition…in search for innovative cosmetic ingredients. Discover a selection of actives obtained from the marine world, providing specific claims for different skin types and needs.

Express your true colors

Consumers are looking for the perfect make-up to express their personality using products that offer a beautifying effect with excellent long-lasting coverage and comfortable wear. Lubrizol Skin Care features new innovative solutions to optimize such critical performances with desired aesthetics and sensory in the next generation of color cosmetics for eyes, face and lips.

Sweet escape 2.0

Providing an escape from the hectic life through the experience of new sensations is critical and is helping to create new opportunities for the personal care industry. This is the aim behind the Sweet Escape concept. Join us on a journey through the senses…

Serene Beauty

Accepting the passing of time and celebrating our real age is a new beauty trend that is becoming very evident and accepted in society, led by celebrities of all ages. Serene Beauty concept embraces this new perception of beauty through formulations addressed to help women feel beautiful throughout all the stages of their life.


Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

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