Being a mother or being a woman? Why not both? Get ready for another day full of stress and tasks againts the clock wit the ultimate beauty survival kit from Lubrizol.

  • ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient

    Shiitake mushroom-based extract providing a complete care of collagen in order to support a proper protein functionality leading to a firmer appearance of mature skin. 

  • REPROAGE™ peptide

    Peptide that supports recovering of the epidermal basal layer stemness potential thus helping to maintain its self-renewal ability longer and contributing to an improved appearance of mature skin.

  • CELLYNKAGE™ marine ingredient

    Biotechnological active ingredient that contains an exopolysaccharide extracted from the Halomonas eurihalina microorganism to protect cell vitality and balance that is lost during aging.

  • EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient

    A complete care of eye contour that combats the three signs of tiredness and aging typical of this delicate skin area: dark circles, eyebags and wrinkles

  • NOCTURSHAPE™ blue ingredient

    This anti-cellulite ingredient from BIOINTEC™ blue biotechnology acts specially during the night by targeting the circadian protein nocturnin for a more slender silhouette

  • ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient

    From marine biotechnology, it redefines areas sensitive to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity such as abdomen, arms and thighs, by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise.


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